Tara Darlington - Founder, Empowering Motherhood


Tara Darlington is a Birth Educator, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Energy Healing and Mother of 6!

She is the creator of the signature Thrive Revolution Program which helps women to regain their confidence, purpose and passion in their everyday life, with the ripple effect of more joy and connection in their everyday life with family, partner, friends, work colleagues and the wider community

"From a place of joy and connection  you can co-create your life with greater ease and playfulness than you ever thought possible..."

Many extraordinary people thank their mothers above all else.

We all know that motherhood is the mother of all jobs - yet it's all too often cast off to the side by our society.  Are we really doing our absolute best?  Does it have to be exhausting?  Or is there another way?  

I'm here to tell you there is another way.

My mission is to empower change in the world by re-empowering women, especially in motherhood.

My mission is to create a paradigm shift that will see women en-masse move from SURVIVE to THRIVE in motherhood, creating a tribe of awe-inspiring women, mothers and leaders in our communities.

From early on, as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Teacher, I took great interest in women's health, self care and healthy self-image.  After my first baby at 26 I became passionate about empowering women to be pro-active about their birth choices and a parenting style that supports the natural development and wellbeing of both mum and baby.  Since then, I have had 5 more children (including 4 home-births) and have worked with over 1000  women in the capacity of Yoga Teacher, Doula and Birth Educator.

In more recent years, I qualified as an Energy Healer as I could see how powerful this could be to help women, as a collective, to clear past trauma, stuck emotions and stories and create a happy and fulfilling future for themselves and their family.

I believe as women and as mothers we hold a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of future generations.

My goal is to help you to thrive and to give the absolute best of yourself to your life and your children - so that our children get the absolute best possible upbringing and are able to put their best foot forward in their life.