Women's Leadership Symposium

Up level your life! #

A promise of passion, purpose & profits

We have put this event together to show you that you can bring way more than balance to your life - This event  comes with a promise of everyday passion, purpose and profits.

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What if I told you that your true happiness is locked up in the part of yourself that you've been holding back?

The Whole Woman R(evolution) is helping women unlock their full potential of power and happiness by honouring ALL aspects of themselves.

Ready for more freedom, joy and connection in your life?

My goal for you is to profit from all aspects of your life with #moretime #moreconnection #moremoney

 Let's lift each other up in all these areas so that you, too, live a happy and fulfilling life.

We are about creating modern leaders that rock parenting, womanhood, relationships, career, finances and more .. all with passion and purpose - and not by sacrificing your Self, but by becoming laser focused on your strengths and honouring all that you are as a woman..

 Currently most women are trying to achieve this by burning the candle at both ends or by putting part of themselves on hold.... and we are here to share an awesome and awe-inspiring day with you that will rock your world so you can rock the world of those around you!

Are you who you want to be?

Rediscover who you are and what you want so that you can move beyond just looking for balance and create a life of passion, purpose  and profits for you and your family .

Is your life truly fulfiling?

Living your dreams requires you to dare to dream big, to grow into your dreams on a deep personal level and to take the specific inspired action to catapult you there.  

3 world class speakers

Aprille Franks


A Master Business Coach, Strategic Profit Catalyst, and Author, Aprille is the brainchild of several highly engaged brands. 

Women Recharged, a motivational movement that amplifies women’s voices and triumphant stories of truth, and Coach, Speak and Serve, a next-level consulting company that helps modern-day authors, speakers and coaches to maximize and monetize their messages. 

 To date, Aprille’s brands have a reach of over 1M with transformational training, coaching and support, establishing her as the go-to expert for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and, in turn, reap higher profits.

Aprille has 2 daughters and 1 grandchild and lives in Las Vegas, USA.

Matthew Patti


Matt's mission is to help awaken and activate higher levels of consciousness and "Super Human" potential within - transcending out-dated models of "doing" - rising to new heights of personal performance and achievement so together, we can positively influence, impact and contribute to advancing the human race using our unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Referred to by his clients and peers as a visionary, futurist and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Transformational Leaders, Conscious Business Owners and Holistic Practitioners shift their business and life into the 5th dimension.

Matt has 4 children and lives in Brisbane.

Tara Darlington


Tara mentors women through the deeply profound life transitions unique to womanhood and motherhood with her insightful combination of yoga, healing, coaching and community.

Her brand Empowering Motherhood has served thousands via the ripple effect of helping women in our community to regain their inner strength, reconnect with their inner knowing and to find passion and purpose in each and every life chapter.

Many extraordinary people thank their mothers above all else.

We all know that motherhood is the mother of all jobs - yet it's all too often cast as a bit of a "side gig" by our society. 

Tara's mission is to empower change in the world by helping motherhood regain its rightful leadership role in society as conscious co-creators for their life, their family and their community.

Tara has 6 children and lives in Sydney.

Our Full Expert Panel

We have  a collective of speakers that will enlighten, support and nourish you as a Whole Woman

Full Speaker List Here

EVER WONDERED what it would be like to:


Unlock the power of true confidence

What is confidence?  It's an energy of owning it!   It's  owning your strengths, it's embracing your gifts, following your purpose and your passion.  It's walking your own path, in your style for the benefit of you and your family.   

Embrace womanhood as your magical super-power

Women have their own unique super-power.  Embrace, heal and love your whole Self as a woman and you will discover yours.     "Connect to deep feminine and you will step into the momentum of the divine feminine flow."  Tara Darlington 

Up-level to the next level with some next level Sh*t!

"There's another level?" "This ain't the level, the next level's the level". Rio.  

Quantum leap to the next level with our suite of masters showing you the way.   "Let's raise your vibration, reclaim your power and choose to live life on new abundant terms."  Matthew Patti 

Manifest from the collective energy

The power of the collective is immeasurable.    That's why you need to choose who you spend the most time with in order to up-level your life.  "Surround yourself with those who lift you up". Michele Obama

Create more time, more connection and more money!

Everybody wants more time, more connection and more money.   Learn how successful women do this without sacrificing or exhausting themselves.   "My formula for success is simple—passion, strategy and execution!"  Aprille Hunt

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Session topics WILL COVER:

The power of intention and creation

Your intention is more powerful than anything else in your life.  The clear and more laser focused you are on what you want in your life, the more easily it shows up.  Get rid of the distractions, get clear and take control of your life creations.

Creating quantum change

Dreaming your goals, needs and wants allows you to create a vision they your cognitive mind couldn't possibly conceive.  Learn to dream creatively and you will take a quantum leap in your life.

Healing the deep feminine

The deep feminine holds deep wounds and deep power.  The wounds are a part of our journey.  Grief and loss are a normal part of our life transitions.  Heal the wounds, and unlock the power of the deep feminine.

Reclaiming matriarchal leadership

Motherhood is a leadership role.  Master leadership of Self, of Motherhood, of your life and your business.  Step into the matriarchal role and watch your life unfold with greater ease, joy, connection and power.

Your story, your power, your passion

Your story is your blessing.  Unravel and embrace your story will bring healing, reconciliation and unleash energy and power that has been Locked up.   Choose where you direct your energy and what you create with it.

Business, purpose & profits

Entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, speakers - listen up! Don't miss the opportunity to see what passion, purpose and specific sustainable action can do when the purpose is clear and the action is tried and tested for profits.

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Who's with me?

Women are strong, intelligent, kind, insightful and that fierce lioness comes out when she needs to.

Together, let's  rise above the fight and create the paradigm shift that we know we want.

As women continue the struggle to truly gain traction in the 21st Century, women are burning the candle at both ends, which is unsustainable, so it's time to change tack!

It's time for women to reclaim their rightful leadership position in society which means you re-claiming sovereignty of your own personal power as a woman, a mother and a leader. 


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