"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."  Quincy Adams

This 1-day conference will help you to:

  • unlock your potential, 
  • step into your power and 
  • elevate your life & your business

Discover "Your Next Best Step" to creating a life you love.

Produced by Tara Darlington from Empowering Motherhood 

-helping women thrive in motherhood - 


Are you ready for paradigm shift?

What if you could have more time and more energy for the things that you love in your life?

Dear Woman, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,

What if you woke up tomorrow and you had more energy, more time, more fun with your family... more love, more joy, more adventure in your life...  and even more money to live and play with?

Most women are stuck in an old paradigm of hard work where you live your life in service to everyone else while you get more tired, more over it, and further away from who you really want to be and how you really want to be living your life.

In this paradigm, things can all too often feel scarce & heavy: time, money, energy, fun, connection.  

The good news is, there is another way for women to live a life filled with purpose, passion and profits.

Instead of waking up with a long to-do list, be a part of the paradigm shift, and become the woman who is in control of creating an amazing life for you and your family.

That's the power of STEPPING INTO LEADERSHIP in your life.

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Full Day : $700

or 4 x $200 (total $800)

When:  Saturday, 23 November,2019

Where:  Manly Novotel

Why:  Because it's time for a paradigm shift

#nextlevelshit. #soboss 

EVER WONDERED what it would be like to:


Unlock the power of true confidence

What is confidence?  It's an energy of owning it!   It's  owning your strengths, it's embracing your gifts, following your purpose and your passion.  It's walking your own path, in your style for the benefit of you and your family.   

Embrace womanhood as your magical super-power

Women have their own unique super-power.  Embrace, heal and love your whole Self as a woman and you will discover yours.   "Connect to deep feminine and you will step into the momentum of the divine feminine flow."  Tara Darlington 

Up-level to the next level with some next level Sh*t!

"There's another level?" "This ain't the level, the next level's the level". Rio.  

Quantum leap to the next level with our suite of masters showing you the way.   "Let's raise your vibration, reclaim your power and choose to live life on new abundant terms."  Matthew Patti 

Manifest from the collective energy

The power of the collective is immeasurable.    That's why you need to choose who you spend the most time with in order to up-level your life and we want YOU TO SPEND YOUR TIME WITH US!  "Surround yourself with those who lift you up". Michele Obama

Create more time, more connection and more money!

Everybody wants more time, more connection and more money.   Learn how you can successfully  do this without sacrificing or exhausting yourself.  "My formula for success is simple—passion, strategy and execution!"  Aprille Hunt

Discover your next best step!

Come and join our tribe of super-savvy, awe-inspiring women!


Matthew Patti : Unlock your potential


Matthew Patti is a Global Leader in metaphysics, higher consciousness activation and manifesting.

He will literally blow your mind and help you to step into your highest potential as a loving human being.

Tara Darlington : Step into your power


Tara Darlington helps women through the deeply profound transitions unique to womanhood and motherhood.

She will help you unlock your power through the collective healing of the deep feminine, enabling you to create an amazing life for you and your family.

Aprille Franks : Elevate your life & your business


Aprille Franks is a Master Business Coach and Women's Empowerment trailblazer.

She is flying in from Las Vegas to give you her proven, transformational leadership and business strategies so you can live your life of passion, purpose and profits.

Join us at the Women's Leadership Symposium

When:  Saturday, 23 November,2019

Where:  Manly Novotel

Why:  Because it's time for a paradigm shift

#nextlevelshit. #soboss #womensleadershipsymposium

Click the link below to book you place.  Full Day : $700  

or 4 x $200 (total $800)

Session topics WILL COVER:

The power of intention


Your intention is more powerful than anything else in your life.  The clear and more laser focused you are on what you want in your life, the more easily it shows up.  Get rid of the distractions, get clear and take control of your life creations.

Creating quantum change


Dreaming your goals, needs and wants allows you to create a vision they your cognitive mind couldn't possibly conceive.  Learn to dream creatively and you will take a quantum leap in your life.

Healing the deep feminine


The deep feminine holds deep wounds and deep power.  The wounds are a part of our journey.  Grief and loss are a normal part of our life transitions.  Heal the wounds, and unlock the power of the deep feminine.

Rediscovering Leadership


Motherhood is a leadership role - so mums, this leadership training is specifically designed for you.  Master leadership of Self, of Motherhood, of your life and your business.  Step into the matriarchal role and watch your life unfold with greater ease, joy, connection and power.

Your story, your power, your passion


Your story is your blessing.  Unravel and embrace your story will bring healing, reconciliation and unleash energy and power that has been Locked up.   Choose where you direct your energy and what you create with it.

Up-level your life.


Entrepreneurs, coaches, writers, speakers - listen up! Don't miss the opportunity to see what passion, purpose and specific sustainable action can do when the purpose is clear and the action is tried and tested for profits.

What if I told you there was an easier way for you, as a woman, to get a whole lot more out life?

This Leadership Training is like no other.

  • Unlock your potential with advanced energy work and meditation,
  • Create momentum by healing and empowering the deep feminine,
  •  Awaken your passion and embrace your purpose 
  • Direct your energy into the world with clarity and confidence

Get rid of the white noise and the clutter and leverage your greatest assets - your time,  your energy, your passion and your power.

You will create  a clear vision, intentions, goals and strategy for 2020 and beyond, then sit back and enjoy the summer!

#nextlevel #soboss

What if I told you that your full potential is locked up in the part of yourself that you've been holding back?

The Whole Woman R(evolution) is about helping women unlock their full potential of power and happiness by honouring ALL aspects of themselves.

Ready for more freedom, joy and connection in your life?

My goal for you is to profit from all aspects of your life by unlocking and leveraging your most valuable assets.

We are about creating modern leaders that rock parenting, womanhood, relationships, career, finances and more .. all with passion and purpose - and not by sacrificing your Self, but by becoming laser focused on your strengths and honouring all that you are as a woman..

 Currently most women are trying to achieve this by burning the candle at both ends or by putting part of themselves on hold.... and we are here to share an awesome and awe-inspiring day with you that will rock your world so you can rock the world of those around you!  

Are you who you want to be?

Energy work and meditation will help you rediscover who you are and what you want so that you can move beyond just looking for balance and create a life of passion, purpose  and profits for you and your family .

Is your life truly fulfiling?

Living your dream life requires you to dare to dream, to find your voice and to grow into your self on a deep and personal level.  This is the paradigm shift you've been looking for.